Aviation and airport management


Language: English

Duration: 4 years

Level: Undergraduate


Aviation and Airport Management is an academic discipline that aims to train competent personnel who will supervise the quality, control and safety of any necessary operation-based activities, especially marketing, finance and accounting.


In the aviation sector, it is very important to protect the order within itself, especially when it comes to airports. This section is very crucial for the correct implementation of the operations that are obliged to implement between departments and within the departments.


How many years of education in the Aviation and Airport Management  department?

Aviation and Airport Management is a 4-year undergraduate department that is offered within the scope of the Faculty of Business Administration of the universities or the Faculty of Aviation and Space. 

What are the Aviation and Airport Management Department courses?

Candidate students who aim to include the Aviation and Airport Management  department in the university preference lists;

  • The basic concepts of law,
  • Business Functions,
  • Aviation,
  • Aircraft Information and Flight Principles,
  • Air transportation,
  • Ground Handling Management,
  • Air Cargo and Dangerous Goods,
  • Airport System,
  • Aviation Security,
  • Air Traffic Control Centers,
  • Airline Marketing,
  • Accounting Practices in Aviation Businesses,
  • Transport Systems,
  • Operational Applications in Airline Business,


They are responsible for successfully completing many similar courses within 8 semesters of education. If they achieve this success, they are entitled to obtain the "Aviation and Airport Management Undergraduate Diploma".


What Does an Aviation and Airport Management  Department Graduate Do?

The purpose of this section is to identify and eliminate the problems experienced in the aviation industry, and to help develop them with innovations to be added.


What are the Job Opportunities for a Graduate of Aviation and Airport Management  ?

According to their competencies, Aviation and Airport Management graduates can direct their careers in state institutions and private aviation organizations that work in the field of aviation. 



  • Airline Companies,
  • Airports,
  • Ground Handling Operations,
  • Air Transport Companies,
  • Air Logistics Companies,
  • Flight Marketing Companies,


They can work in areas such as above. In these sectors, they can work on planning, quality control, process management, operations management.




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