Public relations


Language: English

Duration: 4 years

Level: Undergraduate


Public relations is a field that was named as “the art of making the public believe” when it first emerged. As it can be deduced from its name, the masses that a company, organization, institution or business can be in contact with. It is a kind of management style that includes the works carried out in order to preserve its feelings and thoughts and to maintain its continuity based on understanding and trust.


The principles of public relations include concepts such as creating and managing perception, rhetoric, and persuasion. Because the communication of institutions, organizations or businesses with the masses, and making the other party adopt their thoughts in the shortest and most striking way within the framework of public interest is the way of public relations.


How many years is the Public Relations Department Education Period?


The Public Relations department is an undergraduate department covering 4 years of education.


What are the Public Relations Department Courses?


While you are a student in the public relations department;


      Strategic Communication,

      Current Issues in Public Relations,

      Digital Approaches in Public Relations,

      Crisis Communication,

      Digital Cultures,

      Communication and Critical Thinking,

      Innovation in Communication


It is possible to take courses based on knowledge and planning for the future.


What Do Public Relations Graduates Do?


The main task of the graduates of this department is to organize and implement various awareness activities in order to introduce the brand to the public.


What are the Job Opportunities for Graduates of the Public Relations Department?


In the world of public relations, where the tendency to social media is increasing day by day, the need of institutions to increase brand awareness and to deliver the messages intended to be conveyed becomes more and more as time progresses, so they have the possibility of finding a job in almost many sectors in the field of work.



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