Translation and interpretation


Language: English

Duration: 4 years

Level: Undergraduate


Translation and Interpretation is a field of study that deals with the theory, culture, definition and practice of translation of languages. Since it examines translation not only as intercultural transfer but also as intercultural communication, it can also be defined as an interdisciplinary addressing other fields of knowledge such as comparative literature, cultural studies, gender studies, computer science, history, linguistics, and philosophy.


Translation studies are often paired with Interpreting, but the two are separate fields. Translation skills are becoming more important and attractive than ever before, as today's multicultural and multilingual society requires effective, efficient and empathetic communication between languages ​​and cultures.


How Many Years is the Education Period of the Department of Translation and Interpretation?


Translation and Interpretation is a 4-year undergraduate department that is taught in universities.


What are the Department of Translation and Interpretation Courses?


Candidate students aiming for a career in Translation and Interpretation and aiming to include this department in the university preference period;


      World Civilizations,

      Advanced English for Translators,

      Translation Fundamentals,

      Effective Speaking and Writing for Translators,

      Comparative Grammar,

      Note Taking and Summarizing Techniques,

      Translation and Media,

      Translation Criticism,


It means that they will be responsible for different foreign language choices, especially from each other. Students who successfully complete the aforementioned courses during their 8-semester education period are given the "Translation and Interpretation Undergraduate Diploma" and the graduates of this department receive the title of "Translator and Interpreter".


What does a graduate of the Department of Translation and Interpretation Do?


Translation and Interpreters perform translations on many languages ​​and subjects, from instant to written. They provide cultural transitions between countries as there will be dominance over the cultures of the languages ​​and countries where the translations take place.


What are the Job Opportunities for Graduates of the Translation and Interpretation Department?


There are many career options for translators. For example;


      Translation Offices,

      Language Research Institutions,

      Sports Clubs,




      Television Channels


They can work in many places, especially in the first place. In addition, employment opportunities in the relevant ministries of the state are also possible.




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