10 Talents That Show You Are A Good Graphic Designer

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There are various skills and qualities expected of the candidate in almost every recruitment. For example; Lots of features and talents such as originality, teamwork ability, self-confidence, computer skills, etc. You have often encountered them while applying for a job, and you often have given yourself approval and passed with sentences such as "I have this talent, yes yes I have this, too, I am very suitable for this". For some occupational groups, having these features and abilities is much more important and distinctive than other professions. 

If you are a graphic designer and you have these 10 features listed below, I would like to state that you are a good graphic designer and congratulate you! 

1. Creativity

A good graphic designer is not concerned with what exists, he/she creates what is not himself/herself. She/he  makes original drawings based on the ideas of his/her customers.

What did Brain Aldiss say; Here is the role of the artist: always pursuing something new, breaking the rules, challenging, catching the unusual. The graphic designer is also an artist, after all.

2. Strong Visual Perception

They say that visual perception is the most effective and powerful of all perceptions. The visual perception of the graphic designer should also be clear. In other words, it should be able to interpret the data obtained with its senses and turn it into experiences.

3. Originality

A graphic designer should be original no matter what. When we say original, we are talking about independent and creative thinking. Of course, it will be useful to focus on appropriate, distinctive and applicable designs.

4. Strong Computer Skills 

Graphic designers do not design with office programs such as word, excel or presentation programs such as powerpoint. The most commonly used are Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator (Ai), Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop (psd), 3DMax etc. A graphic designer should be able to use his/her programs according to needs. 

5. Knowing About Print Design

Although we have entered the digital age, printing, which we call offset printing, is still in a very important place. A graphic designer must have knowledge of prepress and postpress processes. The printing needs of the customers will be absolutely necessary and the design must be made in accordance with the printing and sent to the printing house in order to print these needs in the best quality.

6. Time Management

Customers or managers often want to know when their work will be delivered. Sometimes, even if they know the deadline, they keep asking when it will end :) A graphic designer who is good at his/her job should be skilled in time management and be able to deliver the work he/she receives on time.

7. Being Self-Confident and Being Able to Offer Ideas to Customers

Customers or managers can sometimes be hesitant about the design or leave the idea entirely to the designer. In such cases, the graphic designer should be able to present ideas to the customers and express his/her opinion clearly in the points he/she finds wrong or missing.

8.Being Practical and Understanding Customer Needs

Being practical in design is somewhat related to experience. A good designer quickly understands customer needs and can create ideas and sketches for these needs in a short time.

9.Ability to Deal with Multiple Projects

It is not easy to be a designer, you do not end with a single project. If you are a planned designer, you should be able to deal with each project you are responsible for individually and find the balance.

10. Tendency to Teamwork

A good teamwork is one of the biggest factors in the success of a project. The graphic designer should be prone to teamwork, and when necessary, he/she should be a good team with his/her teammates and his/her customers.

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