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University candidates who survive an intense preparation process will become university students after they register. Well, is it possible to graduate from the university with so much effort only through school education? Now I will tell you how you can stand out among the graduates of your program in the whole country.

You have made your choice and you are waiting for the results. Maybe your score was not enough for the program you targeted, and you are bitter, maybe you are unsure of a few programs and leave the result to the placement system. You will know the result very soon. Now the race is over. You can breathe a sigh of relief. After that, it is up to the university where you will be placed. Somehow they will prepare you for your future. You can go on vacation.

I hope you don't think that way. Now I will tell you how you can stand out among the graduates of your program in the whole country.

Golden Rule: Don't expect everything from your university. Universities' curricula are surprisingly similar. By simply going in and out of classes and getting good grades, you would at best be a mediocre graduate. University period is very valuable. You shouldn't just spend this period with lessons. You should make the most of the social capital of the university and the city. Your education is your responsibility. You have to take the initiative.

Classes alone are not enough, but you must attend classes (absenteeism is high in the country). The first two weeks of the first grade are not a holiday; You have to hang on to the lessons from day one. Also, don't just settle for your own school's lessons; Be sure to take a few lessons from online education sites such as Coursera, EdX.

Whatever program you are placed in, do not settle for the standard curriculum of that program. See elective courses in your areas of interest. If you want to focus on one side area, do a minor. If you are indecisive between the two areas, start the double major, if you feel closer to someone over time, focus on that. If you decide that you cannot be happy in the area where you are placed, change the section. If your university doesn't allow this, change your university. Life is yours; you make the decisions.


The trend of recent years is "convergence". Collaborations and transitivities are observed between all branches of science. It is desirable for the sociologist to understand data analysis as much as the engineer understands psychology. "The fields of the future" are multidisciplinary. For example, in AI, doctors, psychologists, mathematicians, computer and electronic engineers have to work together. Surgeons get support from material and mechanical engineers. You also need to learn the basic paradigms of other fields, not being confined to one discipline.

The university curriculum is almost entirely content-oriented. It is necessary to master this in order to graduate, but this curriculum (content knowledge) is definitely not enough for a successful career and a happy life. The more successful the university is in content transfer, the more it fails to develop skills and competencies. Therefore, it is a big task for you to improve your skills and competencies during your time at university. Communication, listening, group work, presentation techniques, time, stress, project management and planning are among the competencies you need to focus on in particular. Since you can develop competencies only with practice; Student clubs, sports teams and the activities you will organize at the school will be very valuable. 


Regardless of the language of instruction at your university, you have to learn English very well. If Turkish (or so-called English) If you are in a school that provides education, this is your job. You can get support from organizations. If you think that many university graduates in the country will graduate with good English, it would be good to learn a second foreign language, at least partially, to differentiate. My suggestions are Russian, Chinese or Arabic.

No matter what program you are in, you must learn to code. We do not know what future professions will be, but we are sure that technology, big data and artificial intelligence will be in all professions. Coding is the way to communicate with machines. Currently the prominent language is Python, but learning basic languages ​​such as Java, C, Visual Basic also differentiates you. In addition, you need to raise your general technology literacy to the next level.


During your university education, you have to work at every opportunity. Many programs have a formal internship, but don't settle for it. Try to study even between two terms. Experience the sectors at every opportunity, regardless of paid/free, insured/uninsured. 

Working for volunteers or startups, will be a unique experience for you.

Push the terms for a meaningful overseas experience. If not with Erasmus, it can be with youth camps or "work & travel" programs. The two months to be spent abroad will both open your horizons and open different doors for you in the future.

Be sure to join at least two student clubs and play a team sport. Student clubs and team sports will not only develop competencies such as teamwork, stress management, time management, planning, but also improve your emotional intelligence, relationship and emotion management skills (and of course your circle of friends), which will become more important in the future. 


University graduates are not only expected to have a certain expertise in their chosen field, but also to be cultured. Decide for yourself in which areas you will improve, but do not leave the fields of art, sports and music empty. In order to discover a balanced life and your passions, you should not neglect your hobbies. You may be surprised, but your hobbies can turn into a profession or make it easier for you to find a job. 

At every opportunity, attend conferences and workshops related to your chosen field as well as your interests; Follow the magazines and websites you are interested in. One way to find out what the best in a wide variety of fields think is to watch TED talks. In addition, try to read an average of two books a month.

Consider entrepreneurship as a career alternative. Participate in entrepreneurship activities, follow new ventures, read entrepreneurship books, think about starting your own business. Don't be afraid to take risks, remember that failure is a unique experience.


Know that taking initiative, creativity and passion will be important for a successful career in the future. Try to discover your passion while in college - you can't do what you don't like.

Do not hesitate to extend your studies in order to pursue good opportunities that may come your way during your studies (e.g. work part-time, take part in a new venture, experience abroad, fast or intensive learning in a new field). Imagine that you will live for an average of 100 years and work for 50 years. It doesn't matter if the university lasts one year less/more. 

The important thing is to fill your knowledge, skills and equipment as you wish and prepare for a happy life. Being able to recognize and evaluate opportunities will play a big role in determining your career. Opportunities may come your way at the university - keep your eyes open.

If you do these, make sure that which university you graduated from which program will become irrelevant. You will get to know yourself better, enjoy working, experience different worlds, and most importantly, learn to manage yourself. When you graduate, your job search process will be easier and you will be a "wanted" graduate. You will be able to compete comfortably with the graduates of the university you said “Oh I wish I could enter”. Remember, your career and happiness is in your hands. If your goal is to make difference and meaning, to positively affect the well-being of others, if you do the job you love well, both economic success and happiness will be yours.

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