5 Reasons for Making a Career in Pharmacy

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Studying in Turkey brings along world-class career opportunities to students. Generally, students who apply to a university in Turkey choose to have information about the living and working conditions of the country. As much as education today, the most important reason for students to go to Turkey is whether they will find a job after graduation. While most of us are worried about being unemployed after graduation due to the increasing population and the decrease in employment opportunities, these days, where even graduation from a graduate and second university is not enough, we attach more importance to research about foreign education and career opportunities. 

You can find job opportunities in many sectors from engineering to technology, from health to finance, while studying in Turkey. 

Today, one of the most popular subjects where you can find work abroad is pharmacy, and pharmacology graduates are among the most profitable occupational groups in the world. While studying pharmacy in Turkey enables students to gain competence at every stage from the production of the drug to the delivery of the drug, it impresses with its internationally recognized programs, rich graduate subjects and research opportunities. When you graduate, in departments such as pharmacognosy, pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry; You can work in departments such as research and development, production and marketing in laboratories, hospitals or pharmacies. In our article, we have included 5 reasons to pursue a career in pharmacy in Turkey!

 1- Potential job opportunities around the world


While the Pharmacy department has the highest employment opportunities for students around the world, you can gain a fascinating career by gaining experience of working in international pharmaceutical companies. Graduates of the department of pharmacy are always needed. Because the increasing diseases, aging population, the demand for the drugs used in their treatment and the delivery of the best ones to the people and scientific developments will enable the discovery of new drugs. As the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry fields grow, students have started to prefer the pharmacy department more. Strong communication skills, interest and curiosity in science and mathematics will provide you with global career opportunities. 

2- Postgraduate academic opportunities

A master's degree in pharmacy is an important step towards a successful career life. A considerable number of students who have completed their undergraduate education seize postgraduate opportunities to become academic staff at universities in Turkey. In this way, they have responsibilities such as teaching pharmacy subjects to students, helping research activities, and supporting laboratory studies. 

At the same time, pharmacy faculties in Turkey offer expertise in a wide variety of subjects for international students, helping them to navigate their competence and areas of interest. Programs with a master's degree in pharmacy tackle the basics of biological sciences before progressing to specialization. In addition, some programs provide opportunities for students to gain practical work experience to improve their research skills. Some areas of expertise are as follows; 

  • Toxicology 

  • Biotechnology 

  • Drug delivery systems

  • Pharmacology

  • Molecular Biology 

  • Microbiology and immunology

  • Drug design and development

3- High salary guarantee


Students who graduate from the faculty of pharmacy in Turkey find employment opportunities by various employers around the world. Universities in general, pharmaceutical companies in industry, medical research councils, international health organizations, non-governmental organizations and voluntary bodies offer pharmacy graduates opportunities to work. Earnings in this field will vary depending on the country you choose to work in and the companies with job opportunities. 

4- Different career paths


For international students who decide to study in Turkey in the field of pharmacy, there are many different career opportunities in their undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees, depending on their subject areas. Undergraduate students can mostly work in research work in pharmaceutical companies and laboratories, as an assistant in pharmacies or open their own pharmacies, develop new drugs for diseases in hospital laboratories or public and private sectors, or stay in academic research and work at universities. You can concentrate on an academic career at the master's or doctoral level. 

  • Among these, the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about pharmacists is the people who deliver the drugs prescribed by the doctors at the pharmacies we go to buy with or without a prescription. They are generally responsible for ensuring and recommending the safe and effective use of medicines. 

  • Pharmacists working in hospitals are responsible for delivering the medicine prescribed by the doctor to the patient, explaining how to take them, purchasing and testing the drugs by the hospital, and working with other healthcare professionals. 

  • If you are interested in a research-based career, you can focus on drug discovery and development, medical technologies, medical prescriptions and use, risk reduction and regulation at various organizations including universities, hospitals, clinical research centers and pharmaceutical companies. 

  • At the same time, most people use their pharmacy training in many different areas. For example; You can write for newspapers or magazines in the media sector, science or medical topics. 

5- Role in your personal development


Students wishing to pursue a career in pharmacy must first have excellent communication skills. Because they are obliged to listen carefully to patients, to explain sensitive information to them and to communicate with other healthcare professionals. At the same time, they acquire many skills such as leadership, concern for the general public welfare, meticulousness about details, being patient and principled, reassuring others, taking responsibility, and being self-confident. However, they should be competent in theoretical knowledge about the production and manufacturing process of drugs, knowledgeable about the latest scientific researches related to the pharmacy department, legal and ethical legal processes related to drug supply and drug analysis, and be able to use their scientific knowledge to solve problems.

  • Strong communication with people,

  • Working as part of a team 

  • Arithmetic and calculation ability

  • Problem solving

  • Analytical thinking

  • Systematic work

  • Commercial awareness

  • Time management and organizational skills


You can browse through the list of all departments here to find the appropriate field you want to study in Turkey according to your qualification and university. 

Check pharmacy department outlines to study in Turkey. 

Click here for details and information to study in Turkey.

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