Benefits of field training for a university student

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Field training means the practical application of knowledge and theoretical sciences that the student received at the university, so that he has a greater and broader understanding of his specialization, which makes him more creative and distinguished in it.

Field training introduces students to the nature of the labor market and its needs, and makes them more ready to work in the future, as it gives them early experiences in the labor market, and some specializations are useless if they do not follow a period of field training such as medicine, engineering and other specialties.

The team of the Study Sehir for Educational Services and private universities in Turkey offers you the benefits of practical and field training for university students, hoping that they will attend and attend training, which are as follows:

  1. Transferring the sciences and knowledge that the student has received from the theoretical academic approach to the practical application approach, which makes him more understanding of his field and more perfect for it.
  2. The field training opportunity is considered the first work experience, as it gives the student an opportunity to deal with the pressures that he may face in the future labor market, which makes him more solid and experienced when he reaches that stage.
  3. It is also possible that this training period is an introduction to stable work for these companies, as the company will not hesitate to employ the competencies that it meets and benefit from them.
  4. It enhances the self-learning skills of the individual, as in the labor market there is no one when you stumble you ask him to correct for you, but you will often solve problems by researching and asking yourself.
  5. It raises the morale of the student, and breaks his fear and fear of the first work experience, which enhances his self-confidence and makes him more ready to work in the future.
  6. It gives the student an opportunity to evaluate what he has learned at the university, and whether it is sufficient for the labor market or not, meaning that it will help him to identify his weaknesses, so that he can address them before it is too late.
  7. It gives a first impression to the student about the nature of the people he will deal with in the labor market, as they are fundamentally different from those who have had contact with them throughout his studies, which makes him able to succeed in his future work.

After we got to know you and about the great benefits of field training, and you realized its importance, let us give you some tips that will help you get a training opportunity in your field of study:

  1. Do not be satisfied with the university curriculum that you study, but read a lot in your field of specialization, reading will add to you a knowledge balance that makes you distinguished from your peers.
  2. Learning foreign languages, especially English, is the language of science today, and mastering it means that you take knowledge from its original source, and not be satisfied with the meager translated content.
  3. Make sure to form a wide network of relationships, by participating in student and volunteer activities, as these knowledge will help you get a training opportunity more easily.
  4. Learn CV writing skills, and prepare a professionally written resume.
  5. Determine the field in which you would like to have a training opportunity, gather information about the companies that provide these opportunities, then write a letter addressed to each of them separately explaining to them the reasons that made you want to join their team, attach it to your CV and send it to them.
  6. Take care of your LinkedIn account, and attach samples of your business to it, this will increase your chances of acceptance.

In conclusion, the vocational training period is a period of refining your experiences, developing your skills, and employing those ideas that you learned at the university, so you have to pay attention to them and strive for them as early as possible.

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