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One of the newest and most dynamic universities in Turkey, it is Istanbul Okan University, which was established in 1999 by the Okan Foundation for Culture, Education and Sports, and began its academic life in the academic year 2003-2004.

The university has a modern and modern campus in Akfirat on the Asian side of Istanbul, designed according to the finest architectural designs, and equipped with unparalleled facilities in the universities in Istanbul, there is a small cinema, sauna, cafeteria, swimming pool and shopping center, in addition to the sports center designed with a capacity of up to 400 Personnel, tennis, basketball and football courts, so that students can spend their free time in the best possible way. Another advantage of the campus is its proximity to Sabiha Gokcen Airport.

University vision

Okan University aims to become a world-class university, contributing to the development of the nation and its economy by providing education of the highest standards, preparing its students to enter the modern business world, ensuring their openness to local and international competition, and instilling the values ​​of social responsibility and environmental awareness in them.

University mission

  • Studying students to think in an analytical and multidisciplinary manner, and instilling a spirit of initiative in them.
  • Support innovative scholars and researchers who are able to successfully integrate education and training and thus help students become exceptional graduates in their respective fields.
  • Focusing on educational and research activities directed to meet the needs of society, as social responsibility and environmental awareness are among the top priorities.
  • Transforming information into technology and social benefit.

Study programs offered by Istanbul Okan University and their costs

The university includes 8 colleges, two vocational schools and 3 graduate schools, and offers its programs in both English and Turkish languages, as the number of these programs has reached 63 bachelor's programs, 41 master's programs, and 13 doctoral programs, distributed among the following colleges:

  • Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.
  • College of Engineering and Architecture.
  • College of Administrative Sciences and Business.
  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • Faculty of Applied Science.
  • College of Health Sciences.
  • School of Law.
  • Faculty of Education.

Annual tuition fees for medical colleges are $22,000, while other tuition fees range from around $9,000.

Providing education in East and West languages

In our globalized world, language is more important than ever. Knowledge of foreign languages ​​is an added advantage for those entering the business world, as language acts as a strong key to communication in business, cultural and social relationships.

Istanbul Okan University is the only university in Turkey that has translation and interpretation departments that provide education in the languages ​​of East and West, as it gives its students during their studies not only the opportunity to learn English and German, but Chinese, Russian and Arabic as well, the languages ​​of the countries that are getting stronger in the global economy and global politics, thus giving those who speak it an extra edge in the business world.

The university closest to the world of business

With the slogan "The University Closer to the Business World", Istanbul Okan University aims to connect education and the business world, preparing students for modern business life, making sure that they are equipped with the knowledge, awareness and skills they will need to move forward.

Okan University students learn about working life from their first year. Thanks to the "Preparing for Business" program, they gain new skills through internships. Through the Supported Education in the Workplace (CO-OP) program, students can learn the culture of business and cooperation between Institutions.

Thus, along with their outstanding academic success, students get the opportunity to acquire the information and skills necessary for their self-efficacy even during their education, and they also test and learn by themselves the working life of one of the hundreds of companies that the university has agreements with. Under this, students acquire the skill of drawing a course for their personal career in the field in which they wish to work.

Therefore, once a student completes their university program, they are not only a university graduate, but also a "global citizen" ready to succeed in global business life.

Student exchange programs

Istanbul Okan University gives special importance to its international relations, as the specialized and practice-oriented education provided by the university requires cooperation with international universities that focus on the same characteristics.

Istanbul Okan University is the first member university in Turkey in the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), which is an international student exchange network with more than 300 member universities in 50 countries, 146 universities in the USA, 4 in Canada, 12 in the UK, 23 in France, 9 in Spain, 7 in Sweden, 14 in Australia, 8 in Japan, 4 in Argentina.

It also has student exchange agreements with European universities within the Erasmus program.

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The description:

The university closest to the world of business, it is Istanbul Okan University, the best university in terms of networking with the universities of the world through student exchange programs.


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