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The pursuit of knowledge and learning is one of the methods of success in life, by focusing on what the individual will learn, without wasting his focus on what he will reach or what he will obtain in the end, and most students strive to reach the degree of success in their different school stages because they believe that success is the right choice in life and without it the person who focus on it, will not be of value or importance. Then you see the successful student, connecting night and day, and exerts his best efforts in the study, and applies as much advice as possible, in order to remain in the first ranks, whether in his class or in his personal life.

In this article, Study Sehir Educational Services team will introduce you the characteristics of a successful university student through what they have heard and witnessed during their long career in the field of university services in Turkey:

Attendance: The study needs follow-up, diligence and perseverance. This is by focusing during the teacher's explanation, then following the lessons at home, preparing them, trying to comprehend on the meanings of the texts, and doing many practical experiments, especially in scientific lessons like physics and mathematics.

Development: It is imperative that the student remains determined, in improving his school performance from time to time. He moves him from the stage of ordinary success to the stage of distinguished success, while striving as much as possible to idealism. All of the above will make the student feel his importance among his peers and friends, and he will enjoy a special place among his teachers and parents as well. Also, perseverance and diligence push the student to feel the importance of science, and its role in improving societies and advancing nations.

Relationship Management: A good student always maintains a friendly relationship not only with teachers and staff but also with fellow students; So that he can focus on studies and extra-curricular activities properly.

Participation in sports and extra-curricular activities: A good student always participates in sports and other extra-curricular activities to achieve the goal of developing his comprehensive personality, and while participating in these activities, he does not ignore his studies, as he manages everything in a balanced way.

Sharp observation: A good student always has an acute observation and keen interest in learning new things, as observation generates knowledge, knowledge generates understanding, and understanding generates wisdom, therefore, careful observation helps him to become wise enough to deal with all situations in life.

Asking the Right Questions: It is said in parables; “If you ask questions, you will seem foolish for once, but if you do not ask questions, there is a possibility that you will remain foolish forever.” The student always asks questions to clarify what he needs to understand from the teacher, so that he does not hesitate to ask good questions to the elderly in his surroundings or classmates to clarify difficult concepts.

Learning by doing: The successful student always tries to learn by doing instead of just reading theory, he knows that learning by doing is the best way to learn, because it stays in the mind longer.

Taking responsibility: A good student bears responsibilities for his actions. He does not resort to playing blame games to hide his flaws, but rather builds his personality well to be able to work better after completing his studies.

Always stay in the pursuit of knowledge: The good student always remains in the pursuit of knowledge, and the more knowledgeable he becomes, the more hungry for knowledge, and thus he continues to sharpen his mind to gain in-depth knowledge in his field of study.

And final: Success is the most common dreams in the human imagination, and it is the thing that everyone strives for, the student, the worker, the employee, the manager, the teacher, the scientist, the doctor, the engineer, and the lawyer, without it life becomes deficient, meaningless, worthless, and the path to success available to every students if they invest their time and takes out everything inside them so that they can reach their goal in life and achieve success.

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