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With the impact of technology, the future of professions is being reshaped. The 21st century is seen as an era of transformation for many professions. Some professions are called future professions. Some professions are thought to lose their influence today. It is even thought that some professions will completely disappear or change shape.

Of course, at this point; It is known that digital transformation has a great impact. Digital transformation affects many different sectors such as education, health, marketing and engineering. It is clear that technology and design-oriented approaches have come to the fore more recently.

What will be the occupations of the next 50 years? Which jobs will pay the most? Which professions can be chosen in line with this data? How is the process of change and structuring of professions shaped? Let's examine together…

Digital Transformation and the Future of Professions

Digital transformation is taking over the world. Of course, professional fields also get their share from this effect. The concept of digital transformation refers to the process of using digital technologies to meet current needs. One of the most important areas that ensure this transformation is Information Technologies.

Information technologies include some items such as software, hardware, services and equipment. Computer systems, cloud-based technologies, communication technologies; are some of the tools that information technologies make use of. By using these tools; Processes such as data analysis, designing and producing products and services become possible. It is known that information technologies play an important role in determining the needs of people and society. Not limited to this, it provides the production of equipment and services to meet these needs. It is possible to benefit from information technologies at every stage of this detection and production process.

Information technologies make the emergence of products and services human-oriented. In this way, efficiency can be achieved in many areas from health to architecture, from education to engineering. Getting feedback about the process is possible thanks to information technologies. Thus, it becomes possible to solve the problems as soon as possible and to meet the needs as soon as possible.

The Future of Jobs in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the most important technologies of the century we live in. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science occupy an important position among the professions of the next 50 years. These three areas; interface design, virtual reality, and analytics. All these fields are among the top professions that can be chosen. What do you need to know about these areas?

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence; It even affects the fields of health, education, architecture, engineering and art. When we look at the field of medicine, it is possible to see the effects of artificial intelligence from diagnosis to treatment. It is known that educational technologies are also greatly influenced by Artificial Intelligence. More importantly, when it comes to the future of professions, this field comes to mind first. In parallel with artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science fields seem to be at the forefront.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is seen among the professions of the future both abroad and in Turkey. It is a field directly related to information technologies and computer sciences. It is also known as a profession that is mostly referred to under the umbrella of artificial intelligence. Machine learning is thought to be one of the important building blocks of digital transformation. It is often associated with technologies such as Data Mining.

Data Science

Another field that is shown among the professions of the future abroad and in Turkey is data science. It is considered as one of the most important professions of today and the future. It is also considered to be among the highest paying professions. Data science is known to be a multidisciplinary field.

Interface Design

When it comes to the future of professions, other concepts we come across are UX and UI concepts… These concepts can also appear as “User Experience Design”. They are referred to under the umbrella of Interface Design. These concepts encompass traditional human-computer interaction design. It is known as a multi-disciplinary field. It is not driven by a single design discipline. It is an important field in terms of future professions.

Virtual Reality

Another technology that will have an important position in the future is virtual reality. This technology can also be referred to as VR/AR for short. This concept emerges as a result of bringing together the real and virtual worlds by making use of technology. Of course, it is known as an area where artificial intelligence, information technologies and computer sciences are directly related. Virtual reality goes beyond the usual perceptions and patterns of time and space. It also constitutes an important point for the future of professions.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is another field that comes up when it comes to the professions of the future. It can be seen that digital marketing is spreading to a wider area. Education and career options for this field are diversifying day by day. Digital marketing is seen as one of the important areas of the future. 

What Should Be Considered While Choosing a Profession?

What should be considered when choosing a career? At this point; It is important to correctly determine the skills and predispositions of students. It is important that students are guided by determining which of these areas they are prone to. Of course, at this point; Factors such as the university the student will attend, the country and the environment should also be taken into consideration. The system in which the student will take part, the adaptation process and the conditions are as important as the choice of profession. It is as important as the future of the professions that students follow the right strategy and their career journey. It is for the benefit of the student to make these choices with the help of an expert and to evaluate them through the eyes of an expert. 

Which Professions Will Change?

It is seen that there are significant changes in fields such as basic sciences, engineering and architecture. Of course, technological developments affect and transform these areas as well. It is important that students who want to focus on these fields make their choices in favor of the right schools and departments. Otherwise, students may have difficulties despite graduating from very good universities. Of course, the wrong choices made negatively affect the career processes and professional success of students. Expert assistance is also important in this regard. Correct assessment of the future of professions constitutes an important point. 

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