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Learning and speaking foreign languages ​​has become a necessity of this era, given the development that is taking place in our world, the spread of social media, and the connection between all parts of the world. The need to speak and master several languages ​​is no longer entertainment, but rather a basic and necessary need to keep pace with scientific, cultural, economic and commercial development.

The reasons and goals that drive us to learn a foreign language may differ when we start learning the language, such as our ages, our capabilities and structure of the gramer of language; but we must always remember that learning languages ​​is a pleasure and beneficial at the same time, so learning a foreign language means getting to know the civilization, culture and history of the country. The one whose language we want to learn, thus being open to the other and his culture, and learning the positive things that exist in this society.

Many people want to learn the Turkish language in Turkey, but they are afraid of it, or they feel that the Turkish language is a difficult language to learn, but the truth is quite the opposite, as the Turkish language is an easy language to learn as it is a very interesting and enjoyable language to speak.

Therefore, if you want to learn the Turkish language, you must adhere to some tips, namely:

1- Determine why you want to learn the language:

Before you start learning anything new, you have to determine the reason that drove you to this desire because it helps a lot to continue learning the language and patience while learning it, even if teaching you the new language is just a hobby for you, you must define your porpose and stay behind your entertainment and achieve what you want.

2- Study on vocabulary:

One of the great ideas that help you learn any language you want, whether it is Turkish or any other language, is studying and learning the vocabulary of the language, and making a list of your Turkish vocabulary that you encounter and confront you so that you can learn many, many Turkish words and vocabulary because of course it helps you a lot in learning the language and make things easier for you, meaning that if you memorize at least five or ten words every day, can you imagine how many Turkish words and vocabulary you have. Do so, it will help you a lot in this matter.

3- Speak Turkish:

Any language that you want to learn and master, at first you should speak and use it in your daily life, in this way you will memorize the words and phrases of this language easily in addition to that you will pronounce the correct vocabulary of the language and get used to it, even if you have to talk to yourself, it will help you a lot to increase your confidence.

4- Watch Turkish TV, programs and movies:

One of the most popular movies, series and programs at the present time, watching Turkish TV and Turkish movies helps you a lot in knowing the correct pronunciation of a language because you hear it from the native people of the language themselves.

5- Language Practice:

After you memorize vocabulary and phrases specific to the language, you must practice it and employ it, whether in writing a story or putting it in a useful sentence. Practicing the language you learn, will help you a lot in correcting the grammatical rules that relate to it.

6- Connect with others:

The good fortune of anyone who wants to learn any language is the technological development that exists at the present time, there are so many websites through which you can communicate with other people, and through these sites you can exchange the language with other people and correspond with them in Turkish. Sign up to these sites is one of the most efficient ways to achieve positive results based on users' experiences and opinions.

7- Put stickers in your home and bedroom:

There are so many stickers with a set of Turkish words and sentences. You can buy these stickers and put them in separate places in your home and room, and this helps you a lot in remembering Turkish words and phrases because you often see them daily basis and so you will be able to memorize them very easily.

8- Write down what you save:

The pen and paper should be a companion for anyone who has the desire to learn any language, because writing with the paper and the pen helps a lot in memorizing words and vocabulary, so when you have the desire to learn any language, you should get a notebook for it to write your notes and everything related to the language you are learning. Because by jotting you will remember what you might forget later on.

9- Memorize popular proverbs and Turkish wisdoms and train to write them:

This matter is very interesting and helps you a lot in developing your language and culture, so try to memorize popular wisdom and proverbs for any language you want to learn, this point of view is neither difficult nor hard for you at all, try this method and you will find it very interesting and it will save you a lot in this regard.

10- Enroll to courses in educational institutes:

Perhaps the best one is the TOMER Institute, which was established in 1984 by the University of Ankara with the aim of teaching foreign students the Turkish language, especially students wishing to study in Turkey, and then the institute later expanded to include nearly twenty languages, and this center contains 11 divisions that include nearly 55 thousand students annually. The center also teaches other languages ​​besides Turkish, such as English, German, French and many more.

Study Services Company provides local language training prior to joining the desired university, so that upon arrival, the student can acquaint himself with the necessary language communication skills in the early stages of his presence in Turkey.

Finally, the more languages ​​you learn, the more people you can communicate with, and knowing many languages ​​allows you to understand and accept different cultures, and it can sometimes prevent feelings of isolation and loneliness, in addition to adding depth to our creativity.

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