Advantages of Study in Turkey For Foreign Students


Turkey ranks sixth among the best global tourist destinations and ranks top in study target as well, and the higher education system in Turkey includes all institutions that provide education and training for the stages after high school, as higher education institutions provide two years of formal education as a minimum, and Turkey has become one of the most popular study destinations due to the prestigious universities available in it where the number of universities in that is about 200 universities, including 109 public universities, in addition to a number of private universities where are specialized institutes and other institutions of higher education.

Turkey ranked number 18 among the countries around the world about  scientific research that it has passed and advanced Turkey environment according to scientific reports and standards to measure the rate of progress in research, and this is one of the things that encourages students to study in Turkey, so Turkey is living in political and economic stability and perhaps the most important reasons that made Turkey rich for education is the quality and efficiency of studying in Turkey and the low cost of living, as well as the low cost of tuition fees in Turkish universities and language institutes, if we compare them to Western countries. Turkish educational institutions have a high global reputation as well as global recognition in a large number of countries.

Turkey has succeeded in attracting a large number of foreign students by focusing on opening the doors of study, scientific and cultural cooperation with many countries, and the Turkish government has also taken care to provide all the conditions to attract them through official scholarships to study in Turkey and allocate their own seats, in addition to simplifying the procedures for obtaining a visa and residency.

Most Turkish cities include universities and colleges thanks to the increase in the number of universities to 170 universities and it is scheduled to reach 500 universities by 2023. Higher education is monitored and managed by the Higher Education Council (YÖK).

The number of foreign students coming to study in Turkey doubles with the beginning of each new academic year. As for the language of instruction, most universities teach in the Turkish language, but many public universities teach certain specializations in English, while private universities, most of them teach in the English language.

The most important factor in the success of the Turkish model in education is the contribution of the charitable endowment and charitable organizations and institutions in supporting the educational process, as it built schools and universities, provided scholarships, contributed to printing scientific publications, and built and supervised student housing. The charitable endowment also established private schools that teach and supervise foreign languages. This is in addition to supporting scientific research, and scientific men participating in scientific activities and organizing scientific seminars and conferences inside and outside Turkey to contribute to creating a real scientific environment.

What Turkish universities provide:

A high level of quality in the study within the major desired by the student.

Studying in Turkey gives you internationally recognized certificates: The degrees and certificates granted by Turkish universities are recognized all over the world.

Modern university cities and unique capabilities: You will find advanced libraries and laboratories in which you can conduct research and study in order to reach different aspects of information, and you will also enjoy being a student studying in Turkey through sports and cultural facilities, clubs and housing for students.

Cultural diversity: In Turkey, you will find the East and the West in one suit, in which the features of Asia and Europe blend in.

Study in a safe atmosphere and easy to cover living expenses: In Turkey, you will find the possibility of obtaining an easy-to-pay study, as university fees and the cost of living are cheaper and less than most European countries.

Also distinguishes the study in Turkey:

1- Multiculturalism in Turkey.

2- The Turkish people.

3- Turkish nature.

4- Large Turkish cities.

5- History of Turkey.

6- Turkish climate.

7- Educational standards.

8- Tuition fees.

9- English language.


Study in Turkish private universities does not require any preparatory  exams, as it accepts only a high school diploma, and Turkish private universities rank high among universities in the world, and all the disciplines that the student is looking for are also available in them. The study is available in English or Turkish, and it is mentioned that most universities are the first language of study in English.



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