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“The University of Those Who Lead a Living World” is Istanbul Medipol University, the young ten-year university, during which it has managed to make a big footprint.

In the whole history of modern society, the concept of the university was understood as the cradle of knowledge, a place of wisdom, and a workshop for humanity, so it is the application of wisdom to acquired knowledge and decision patterns that can guarantee the happiness and future of people, and therefore, the goal of Istanbul Medipol University is to “pave the way. "Towards gaining wisdom for all its students."

With these words, "Sabahattin Aydin" - the founder of Istanbul Medipol University - clarifies the vision of his university.

Istanbul Medipol University was established on the 7th of July 2009, in that beautiful area of ​​Istanbul, Fatih region surrounded by the heritage of various ancient civilizations and full of ancient historical monuments, and at the meeting point of the two continents, Europe and Asia.

Programs offered by accredited languages ​​of instruction and world ranking:

The university has two campuses, one of which is on the Asian side of Istanbul, which is Kavacık campus, where the branches of pharmacy, health sciences, engineering, literature, arts, and social sciences are taught, and the other is on the European side of it, which is the Halic campus, where human medicine and dentistry are taught.

The university includes about 15 thousand students from 63 different countries, and between 2012 and 2018, more than 12 thousand students graduated from the various diploma, bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs it offers, all of this was supervised by a distinguished faculty consisting of nearly a thousand university professors. Brief put their university in the 76th place in Turkey, and 4,354 in the world.

Istanbul Medipol University has the distinction of providing most of its majors in two forms, one of which is entirely in English, the other is one-third English and the rest Turkish, with an indication of the difference in tuition fees in favor of the Turkish.

Distinguished practical training for students of medical specialties:

It was also able to be one of the first private universities in Turkey in medical specialties, by providing distinguished training for its students, with a huge hospital complex that is one of the largest health projects in Turkey, which is Istanbul Medipol University Hospitals Complex, which includes many medical specialties, and an advanced center for applied health research, it has played an important role in the health sector for more than 20 years.

As for Medipol Dental Hospital, it was the gathering place for dental students of various specialties, from dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery, traditional dental treatment, orthodontics and pediatric dentistry.

We note that all medical specialties begin with a preparatory year for them in English, if necessary.

Scientific Research Centers and Laboratories:

The university intends to launch the Center for Research on Regeneration and Restorative Medicine soon. Regenerative medicine is defined as: "the process of replacing or regenerating tissues damaged by aging, disease, and childbirth."

As for its contribution to scientific research and its keenness to produce science and technology continuously, it has 12 research centers, the most famous of which is the remer laboratory specialized in molecular biology, and also owns:

Cell culture laboratory.

  • Analytical Chemistry Lab.
  • Biomechanics Laboratory.
  • Preparation laboratories in the Department of Nutrition and Psychology.

Distance Learning:

In talking about e-learning, the university is working to develop an integrated educational model, by creating distance education programs and providing education for all without barriers, and confirms that this approach is necessary for a university that welcomes students from all over the world and respects diversity.

Student housing:

As part of its constant endeavor to ensure the development of its students' academic performance and provide them with a comfortable social life, it has equipped a distinguished student housing unit, located inside the Kavacık campus, with spacious classrooms, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, and wireless internet access.

University's library:

As for the large library that it owns, those in charge of it say: "The mission of our library is to provide the fastest and easiest ways to support the achievement of educational goals at Medipol University, and to improve the process of finding the necessary information necessary for scientific research, and to provide it in the fastest and most convenient way." The university is an important center for holding mathematics tournaments.

Recreational clubs:

In addition to its interest in the academic aspect, the university is also interested in the entertainment side, as it has more than 50 student clubs, whose activities vary between concerts and photography competitions, in addition to a number of tennis and basketball courts, among others.

Physical and psychological health:

And because a healthy mind is in a healthy body, the university is keen to provide healthy meals to its students, which were carefully prepared in the university’s kitchen, and the importance of mental health was not overlooked as well. 

Registration in university:

As for the application process to the university, the university administration confirms that the application process is the same for all international students, regardless of nationality status or country of residence, and also indicates that taking the SAT test and the International Baccalaureate exam makes your chance of acceptance better, but certainly if you choose not to take these tests you will not be disqualified for admission.

As we talk about each of the private universities in Turkey, we remind that we are in a famous study team for educational services that are fully prepared to receive your documents and all your identity papers and work to secure university admissions in the university branch you aspire to, so that together we make the dream of studying in Turkey a reality.

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