What is the Cartoon and Animation Department?

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What is Animation Art?

Animation is a moving image obtained by displaying several images in quick succession. The first animations were made by drawing the desired pictures on a few sheets of paper and quickly passing the sheets or putting them in a circle and turning them.

Today, computer technology allows making both vector and pixel-based animations. The 2D animation technique is made by drawing 12 frames per second. In the limited animation technique, less frames are drawn. In the preparation process of an animation film, character designs, storyboards, pilot sound recordings and final layout are made in addition to the classical filmmaking processes. An animation film with professional goals cannot be started before these stages are completed. Animated filmmaking is completely dependent on the development of technology. Developing technology makes it possible to create higher quality content on computers in less time. Animated movies can be categorized into the techniques frequently used in productions such as 3D, 2D, stop motion, cut-out.

3D Animation is moving images obtained by using 3D vectors with special software using computer technology. The people who perform these operations are generally called animators. In the process, the animator first creates a 3D model using 3D vector lines. This process is similar to a sculptor sculpting and is called modeling. Color information is then processed into this model, which is called texturing.

The next step is to set up a mechanism for the object to be moved. In the production of 3D animations about living things, a virtual skeleton system is generally created at this stage. This structure allows the vectors to be repositioned as desired by the animator. In this way, virtual 3D objects are animated.

Virtual cameras and lights are created in order to ensure the similarity of the resulting 3D vector structure with real life. After this stage, the computer software interprets the vector information with mathematical algorithms and creates pictures consisting of 2D pixels. With the developing technology, new software has been advanced for situations that are difficult to imitate in nature in 3D animations. For example, the fire on a burning object can be simulated in accordance with the laws of physics with special software such as fumefx and phoenix.

Today, 3D Animation is used in many areas from medical presentations to architectural visualization, from computer games to movies. Some feature films are produced as fully 3D animation. Toy Story (1995) is the first of these.

Some of the software used in the preparation of 3D animations are 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Houdini, Maya, Blender and Lightwave.

What are the Business Opportunities of the Animation andCartoon Department?

     You can work as a freelance 3D artist.

  You can work as a trainer, digital artist or designer in private institutions.

     You can work as an art consultant.

    You can work as a Graphic Designer.

    You can work as an Advertising Designer.

 It is possible to work as an academic and teaching staff in education and research institutions related to Fine Arts.

It can be worked as a supervisor of elective courses at universities and high schools. 

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