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Studying dentistry and education in Turkey are the dreams of many students. However, faculties of dentistry with high base scores push students and their families to make a decision by sifting through the preference periods.

Dentistry makes the profession popular in the eyes of students who will choose university to study in Turkey, with features such as flexible working hours, relatively gaining dignity in the society, being above average in financial aspects, and large working areas, so many students want to study dentistry.

However, as in many professions, there is no resource available to assist students in their choice of profession.

Generally valid information about dentistry and dentistry faculties are given in preference guides, yes, but unfortunately these are not enough. Questions such as working conditions, faculty life, social environment, career planning after graduation, current status and future of the dentistry profession, differences between faculties remain unanswered.

This article has been created in order to be a complete guide for students who want to study dentistry in their university preferences.

We hope this guide, where you can find everything related to studying in Turkey and the dentistry profession, will help you in your preferences.

You can find answers to many questions you may have about education and professional life in the dental faculty under the main topics given in the article.

If you are curious about the places you cannot find in this article or if you have other questions about dentistry education, you can ask us a question or send an e-mail. 

You can be sure that we will gladly help.

Dentistry Profession in Turkey

The number of dentistry faculties in Turkey is increasing every year. 

The education provided in dentistry faculties is generally the same in all faculties in Turkey. Except for preparatory education, education is 5 years. In the first and second years, basic medical sciences such as anatomy, physiology, histology, pharmacology are studied, and pre-clinical dentistry training is given in patient simulations called preclinics. Basic tools and materials are introduced. Treatments are explained to the student in general terms and their practice is developed.

In the third year, candidate physicians begin to take courses that are mostly related to dentistry and become real physicians by moving to clinics. They learn to apply simple to complex treatments with their responsible assistants and teachers at the beginning and treat their patients.

The working logic of the clinics is in the form of internships. Each of the 8 different majors is an internship and the student collects points by passing through them in turn. For example, if the internships are five weeks at that school, the student goes to a five-week surgical internship, pulls teeth, and follows surgery. In the next five weeks, let's say, in a pedodontics internship, he/she fills the children, pulls the milk teeth, makes the prosthesis for the next five weeks and thus spends a year collecting points in 8 major disciplines. 

There is an exam at the end of each internship. These internships are repeated every year.

How Many Years Does Studying Dentistry Take?

Dentistry faculties provide education for 5 years in Turkey. In some schools, there is also a preparatory class, it is necessary to study 6 years to become a dentist.

The school may be extended according to the rules of the faculty you attend. Is It Costly To 

Is It Costly To Study Dentistry?

Materials taken in dental education are expensive. So studying dentistry can be a bit costly. 

Now time to study in Turkey to make your dream come true!

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