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What is the Department of Radio, Television and Cinema?

Radio, Television and Cinema; is a department that aims to educate competent individuals who will carry out professional work in media and communication in the technology age.

How Many Years Does the Department of Radio, Television and Cinema Education Take?

Department of The Radio, Television and Cinema is a 4-year undergraduate department within the communication faculties of universities.

What are the courses of the Department of Radio, Television and Cinema?

Within the scope of 4-year education, RTC students;

  • Introduction to Radio and Television,
  • Concepts in Social Sciences,
  • Advertising,
  • Media Literacy,
  • TV Production Design,
  • Text and Dialogue Writing,
  • Media and Communication,
  • Visual Culture,
  • Video-Editing,
  • Basic Principles of Screenwriting,
  • Communication Culture,
  • Media History,
  • Sound Production Techniques,
  • Image Editing,
  • History of Turkish Cinema,
  • Film Criticism,
  • Media Criticism,
  • History of Political Thought,

They will be responsible for such lessons as indicated above. The graduates of the department can acquire titles in certain fields as a result of their education and tendencies throughout their life as a student.


  • Scriptwriter,
  • Editing Director,
  • Player,
  • Director of photography,
  • Sound Director,
  • Art director,
  • Producer,
  • Cameraman,
  • Correspondent,
  • News Editor,
  • Text Writer,
  • Editing Operator,
  • Vision mixer,
  • Server,
  • Radio Announcer,

They can obtain many different titles.

What Does the Department of Radio, Television and Cinema Graduate Do?

Graduates of the RTC department contribute to mass communication with all kinds of technical skills, global knowledge and social responsibility awareness, creative and highly critical.

What are the job opportunities for a graduate of the Radio, Television and Cinema Department?

Individuals who have graduated from Radio, Television and Cinema departments can work for production companies (cinema, TV series or video clips) when it comes to employment opportunities. Apart from these;

  • Television Channels,
  • Press Organizations,
  • Advertising Agencies,
  • Broadcasting Organizations,
  • Content Creation Agencies,
  • News Agencies,
  • Newspapers,
  • Radio Channels,

They can work in areas such as above. Apart from these, they can work as a media consultant in various private institutions and organizations, as a media and promotion manager in promotion departments. Graduates can also continue their academic careers and take part in the education of future generations.

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