The advantages of private universities in Turkey

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At the beginning of the modern century, Turkey witnessed a great openness to the world, and recorded remarkable development, progress in various fields which the educational sector had a large share of this prosperity, as it achieved increased growth and development, and the political, economic stability witnessed by the country had a major role in the recovery of the educational sector, especially since Turkey has a solid and reliable infrastructure, and it has all the services that facilitate the student’s study and livelihood.

Study Sehir's team, through its long experience in the field of university and Turkish university educational services, offers you the advantages of studying in private universities in Turkey, so that you know its advantages in case you want to register in it, as follows:

  1. There is no need to master Turkish anymore, as it adopts English as the main language of instruction without the requirement to obtain certain certificates in the language for admission.
  2. It does not require any college entrance exams and SAT, and you get university admission immediately.
  3. Partial scholarships and discounts on university tuition fees, and the team of Study Sehir for Educational Services can secure attractive discounts of up to 07% if you want to study in Turkish private universities.
  4. The study is in the major cities of Turkey, such as Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, where most of the Turkish private universities are based.
  5. A new and developed infrastructure, as none of the private universities in Turkey are without advanced libraries and laboratories that enable students to conduct research and study in them, in addition to sports and cultural facilities, activities and student residences.
  6. Providing a unique global experience through the possibility of spending one or two semesters in the best private universities around the world, not only in Turkey, to provide branches of these universities around the world.
  7. Concluding student exchange agreements with various international universities, such as the "Erasmus" program.
  8. Distinguished academic curricula and highly professionally prepared programs, as Turkish universities are keen to provide students with the best academic material.
  9. Generous and hospitable people, and they welcome foreigners greatly, and you will only see sincere treatment and good morals from him, as the Turkish people know the extent of their interest in their visitors and good reception, and does not have any form of racism.

In conclusion, Turkey has become in recent years an international center of attraction for foreign students, as the number of students going to it to study increases every year, and this is due to the excellent quality of education provided by Turkish universities. Especially if it is on the same level with European universities, but with very competitive fees compared to them.

Some of the distinguished private universities in Turkey:

Aydın University

Bahcesehir University

Medipol University

Istinye University

Uskudar University

Okan University

Altinbas University

Why apply via Study Sehir?

  1. We offer you full support to obtain a Turkish visa.
  2. We help you to obtain a Turkish phone line and extract your transport card.
  3. We help you in providing suitable housing.
  4. We can assist you with equalizing your certification.
  5. There is an employee who accompanies you and helps you during the registration procedures at the university.
  6. We help you complete the residence procedures.
  7. We offer you free health insurance for treatment in state hospitals, and it provides discounts in private ones.
  8. We offer you full support during your studies until graduation in addition to postgraduate services.
  9. In addition to airport pick-up service.

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