The importance of university libraries and their functions

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The destination of male and female students at their various academic levels and specializations, and a haven for researchers in various fields, it is university libraries, as it is considered one of the most important places through which many knowledge services are provided, in which you find a variety of educational books that support various university majors, excluding you from research activities and the vast amount of information, and we will not forget its merit in developing reading and its skills and abilities that help fast learning and broaden the perceptions.

University Library Objectives:

The goals of the university libraries are identical to the university’s goals and the educational policy in general, and the university library aims to make employees, researchers and students in the university’s faculties and its various departments keep abreast of the latest scientific trends in their field of specialization by providing information sources of various types and forms, organizing and processing them in order to facilitate their classification and access them easily to implement the library's functions and tasks accurately and efficiently, and to ensure the proper functioning of the library and control the system in it, it has been termed a group of functions and tasks, we can summarize the most important of these goals as follows:

  1. Advancing the scientific movement and scientific research to the highest levels.
  2. Linking its formative and educational activities with the community development policy.
  3. Providing various sources of information for its students and researchers.
  4. Achieving a balance between theoretical sciences and their applied aspects.
  5. Providing learning, building experiences and refining them equally for all individuals.
  6. Cooperation and exchange of experiences with different centers and libraries.

University Library Functions:

The university library has several functions, perhaps the most important of which is obtaining information in its various forms, whether it is paper, such as books and brochures, or digital, such as films, slides, disks, audio, visual, and electronic. With regard to budget, buildings and equipment, we can summarize the most important of these functions as follows:

  1. Securing the necessary acquisitions and resources for those who intended them.
  2. Carrying out the office technical procedures of recording, classifying, analyzing and indexing.
  3. Make the circulation process organized and easy by preparing organized lists of library contents.
  4. Introducing the library’s contents, how to register in it, and making use of its resources by holding seminars.
  5. Explain the methods of dealing with the technological techniques used.
  6. Carrying out a periodic inventory of the library's holdings and preserving them from human and environmental damage.
  7. Providing the qualified office and technical personnel.
  8. Helping students and researchers to obtain digital content in the shortest time and effort.
  9. Issuing publications for the library with the purpose of introducing it and stimulating the scientific movement.
  10. Keeping pace with technological development.
  11. Organizing lending and exchange services between libraries.

Most universities in Turkey include libraries within their campuses, providing them with the latest technology and wireless internet service available free of charge to all their students, and these libraries were not satisfied with Turkish content only, but also added to English language books, perhaps the most famous of which is the Istanbul University Library that contains manuscripts dating back to the fifth century in Turkish and foreign languages, which made it a center of attraction for a large number of students.

The Turkish Statistics Authority stated that the total number of libraries in Turkey reached 29,692, and the commission released a report on the situation of libraries in Turkey, and the report shows the existence of one thousand and 121 public libraries, 559 university libraries, about 28 thousand libraries belonging to educational institutions, and one national library. The number of members in these libraries reached about 5 million people.

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In conclusion, libraries must be praised for the pivotal role that libraries play at the university level, by advancing the educational process and encouraging scientific research, as they are a cornerstone of the academic system, serve its objectives, and support its educational policies.

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