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University life is a life that is vastly different from the school community in all scientific and social aspects, and after entering the world of the university, the student lives in new corridors at all levels, including the ABCs of the classroom, the methods of receiving the lecture and interacting with the lecturer, the interventions and the discussions.

University life is one of the most wonderful stages, and one of the most important, and the most beautiful of which is lively and fun, and it has the best opportunities for self-building and providing it with success factors, so the successful student, who feels the great responsibility entrusted to him, his community and his nation, is interested in this university stage to build himself firstly, and for the sake of distinction, success and creating a decent life secondly, but here a big problem arises in the student’s adaptation to the new life, and the adaptation has nothing to do with the academic level or the quality of achievement before entering the university. University life is a new page that you start when you move to the university, and in most cases it will be new friends, new habits, and you'll have an excellent opportunity to change whatever you want to change from your previous one.

And for an ideal university life, the team of Study Sehir Educational Services in Turkey advises you to follow the following steps:

1- Commit to reading in your field of specialization:

You are at the university level now, and the time for receiving knowledge by the professor has passed. You are now required to build knowledge through reading, research and questioning, so do not depend on what the lecturers provide, it is certainly not enough and you should search for the best good books in your specialty and be confident that you are in this and this move will greatly increase your knowledge balance, which will give you positive feedback throughout your university career.

2- Priorities:

University life is complex, and it has many, many activities and new things for the student, such as the activities that the university does from a mobile team or a specific sport, as well as social life and the presence of a very large number of people around you that you want to know, and other things. You might want to do all of that, but time definitely won't allow you.

So the solution is setting and arranging priorities, so you determine what is most important and then the important dimension comes, and you have to sacrifice some of those things and desires, for example comes at the top of the list of priorities to attend lectures, perform all that is required of duties and memorize, and then put the most important thing for you in the place second. So, in any case, you have to sacrifice some things, as being driven and distracted is behind it all; he will ultimately fail and get frustrated.

3- Learning foreign languages:

If you do not master at least one foreign language, then know that you will not achieve much, whether in your university or professional career. This if you succeed, then this is your opportunity to learn it before it is too late, and certainly the English language comes on top of the list of priorities, as it is the language of science and work in our time. Undisputedly, if you want more, we advise you in Turkish as well.

4- Have good relations with the professors:

First of all, whatever you think of university professors, know that you aspire first of all to better grades without which good prospects will not be opened in front of you in your higher studies and your career path, and from there, having good relations with lecturing professors is very important, especially with regard to the humanities majors where the subjective aspect comes up strongly in the evaluation.

5- Get to know your college friends:

Do not wait for your classmates to get acquainted with you, be the initiator and get acquainted with many of those who share your specialization, because besides the wonderful friendship of some of them that you will gain, they will benefit you a lot in your university studies, so try to get these friends in reality and on social networks, you need them to be informed, you will also find some very useful company on your university path.

6- Make time for entertainment:

University life is not all a study found, surely it is punctuated by wonderful times of entertainment with friends, enjoying various sports, making fun trips, and perhaps weaving emotional relationships as well, it is a period of inspiring experiences that will enrich your memory throughout your life.

You can do whatever you want and enjoy, the important thing is that you do not forget your main goal, which is your university studies, which will shape your future, and that you do not waste time on things that do not yield any psychological, health or cognitive benefit.

Final: University life is one of the most important stages of life for a university student because it contributes to building his human personality in various aspects to a large and effective degree, provided that harmony, interaction and benefit for the student occur within university life, which is considered a microcosm of his life in society.

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