Ways to Turn Online Education into an Opportunity

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What are the ways to turn online education into an opportunity?


Thanks to the new technology applications brought to our world by the century we live in, we can benefit in many areas. In the field of education, technology has made a great contribution to the development process, bringing the institutions to the digital environment. 

During the pandemic, education was carried out in our homes thanks to digital environments, creating the opportunity to learn with a different experience due to it being noticed that the students were already ready for this situation. 

Young people who do not have any trouble using mobile devices do not have any difficulty in obtaining information through online applications. Information they will learn from digital libraries in their schools; Students who can access live classes, educational videos and written materials help them to continue to learn.

The important thing is that they regularly follow the program prepared for them. At this stage, it is up to the parents to follow the process and provide the necessary support. In our article we wanted to share with you our research on ways to turn online education into an opportunity.


Students who can access information through digital media; When there is a point they wonder about a topic, they will have the opportunity to ask questions and repeat places they do not understand. 

Digital platforms allow you to experience a different learning experience. It offers the necessary equipment to carry out your achievements on a subject equally with the opportunities in face-to-face education. An important part of online education is teachers. 

After determining the online education classes, teachers have the opportunity to follow the progress of the students. Apart from collective assignments, students can assign homework individually, teachers track students' participation, and identify their shortcomings. 

This situation allows students to help them fill their shortcomings. Student, teacher interaction is crucial to ignore. There may be deficiencies in terms of efficiency. In such cases, you should not hesitate to ask questions and inform the teacher. There is a great burden on teachers to maintain productivity in the digital environment. 

Access to information will not be enough alone. For a real online education experience, teachers should regularly carry out elements such as monitoring and reporting. In the online education process, in addition to teacher-student interaction, parental observation has an important place. They can track how efficiently the student spends time in front of the screen and intervene when necessary. At the same time, they can follow the status of their students through digital platforms. 


While the world was facing an extraordinary process, when health measures and concerns were added to the online education of children, everyone got confused in the same way. This period, which does not prevent children from learning, was rearranged to be solved by online education. During this period, parents started doing research for their students. For parents who think it is difficult to sit in front of a screen for students, experts suggest break times to make lessons fun, among ways to turn distance education into an opportunity .

Breaks; They can be supported by activities such as dancing and painting.

Short-term online conversations with their friends may be allowed during the time remaining after training.

Support the student's effort with your positive approach. Reward their success.


Teachers can make some applications to make the online education process more enjoyable compared to age groups. Thanks to these applications, which we can show among the ways to turn online education into an opportunity, students will not have the opportunity to get bored in class.

Picture cards; Among the ways to turn online education into an opportunity, picture cards will be very entertaining, especially for foreign language lessons. During online education, you can ask them to guess by holding the cards on the screen for a very short time. Or you can swipe in front of the camera and ask them to know what happened. Thus, the lessons will be more efficient.

Reading stories; Telling stories in online education lessons, especially in verbal lessons, will be a good method to keep the attention alive. Reading stories has an important place among the ways to turn online education into an opportunity. Researching stories that will attract younger age groups is a method that will increase motivation. Doing daily research, telling stories that will interest students, and asking them to comment will help you spend an efficient class hour.

Knowledge competitions; At the end of the lesson, you can organize quizzes in small periods of time. Thanks to these competitions, which you can use to remind you what you learned in the previous lesson, you will have ways to turn onlineeducation into an opportunity. You can reward students who give correct answers in short-term competitions. Thus, you create a source of motivation for the next lesson. In this process, the most difficult issue will be to make an effort to keep the motivation of the students. 

Virtual Trips; During the pandemic period, opportunities were developed for us to continue to be intertwined with art. Some museums and art galleries continued to host visitors through virtual tours. 

You can participate in a virtual tour of your choice with your students. Then you can share your views about the trip and do homework. In this process where you can exchange ideas mutually, you will find ways to attract the attention of students and turn online education into an opportunity .

Create a collaborative work; You can assign shared responsibilities that they enjoy doing outside of your curriculum. Thus, you can keep students in touch with each other. They can develop a joint project and come up with common ideas. They can plant flowers, vegetables and fruits individually, share and report their development with each other. 

Creating a collaborative work in ways to turn online education into an opportunity will provide you with very efficient results.

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