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Now, with the University Programs, you have the chance to advance in your career, to study in the department you are curious about and to realize your dreams. If your dreams about to enter a university, Turkey is waiting for you!

Study in Turkey for Foreigners | University Without Exam

Why Turkey?

You have many reasons to study in Turkey. Turkey, city-specific natural, spiritual, attracted the attention of the world is a center for students with transportation and physical properties.

1.Quality Higher Education Opportunities

Turkey is the second country in the world in access to higher education enrollment rate of 94.2%. European Higher Education Area is located in Turkey, is an excellent way to implement the Bologna Process; Our Bologna report is 5 out of 5. So, you get a diploma from a recognized university in Turkey in all European countries! As a course credit system, ECTS is applied according to Europe and all students are given the Diploma Supplement. Furthermore, Turkey is one of the most successful countries participating in the exchange program Erasmus + scope. In addition, Erasmus supports the mobility of students and lecturers in Turkey, has many exchange programs such as Farabi, Mevlana.

2. University and Program Diversity

There are 206 universities in Turkey with a population of 82 millions. The number of students is close to 8 millions. With this number of students, Turkey was the first country with the most students in the European Higher Education Area. There are a total of 58,092 different programs in 206 universities. With such a variety you will definitely find a university and a program for yourself.

3. Multicultural Life

Rooted in the soil for thousands of years in many civilizations hosts by Turkey, almost a cultural mosaic! In this country where countless civilizations were and still are hosted, everyone is tolerant and respectful to each other. Where you can find a part of your root and maybe you can meet people who speak your language in Turkey, it is ideal for students with a safe and peaceful environment.

4. Natural Beauties

Turkey four seasons living, doing worldwide reputation for natural beauty. In the seas surrounding side of Turkey, you can enjoy swimming and water sports, you can ski in several cities in the mountains, rafting in the river and you can experience many extreme sports. These beauties will be felt you like heaven in Turkey, will fascinate you with its views only!

5. Historical and Cultural Heritage

Based on a long history, there are thousands of historical and cultural monuments most of which is protected as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage in Turkey. Even in your daily life, you will want to follow the traces you may encounter frequently!

6. Student Friendly

Social clubs, sports teams and cultural events at each university bring students together and bring distant geographies closer. When you come to Turkey, the students will understand that point of the city's most active places where socializing! Cities live 24 hours a day thanks to cafes, restaurants and libraries where students hang out.

7. Welcoming Turkish People

The hospitality of the Turkish people has become legendary all over the world! As a student, if you ask for help, people will do their best and sincerely. Turks will welcome you as a guest and we will have many treats to satisfy you. You can be sure that you don't miss your home here!

8. Modern Technological Campuses

Whichever 206 universities you attend, you will experience a modern and convenient campus life equipped with the latest technology.

9.Easy Living Conditions

Life is more economical than most countries in Turkey. You can meet your needs such as accommodation, food and beverage and entertainment at affordable prices. You can stay in dormitories within or near university campuses, or you can rent a house for reasonable rent. Also, whichever you choose as a student, you get tickets at a discounted price or you can watch the movie in the cinema for less.

Turkey is also in easy reach for that country in central Asia and Europe. Numerous attractions to hosts by Turkey, which way you choose to, you can quickly and comfortably reach wherever you want.

10. Turkish Learning Opportunities

Many programs are in English in universities in Turkey. You can also learn Turkish, the world's 5th spoken language! You can have the chance to learn a new language in the Turkish courses offered by your university and make friends with people from many different cultures.

International Student Admissions to Study in Turkey

International students who want to get his/her bachelor's degree in Turkey, who have completed secondary education in high school or similar institution similar to a Turkish school of education. They directly apply to the university of their choice and choose a university.

In Turkey graduate/postgraduate international students wishing to continue their studies in their applications directly to the university determines its own admission requirements. There are also a variety of scholarship options available for some international students.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are applied differently in public and non-profit foundation universities. In state universities, tuition fees are determined and announced by the Council of Ministers, taking into account the type and duration of studies in different disciplines. In non-profit foundation universities, tuition fees are decided by the University's Board of Trustees.

Students must pay tuition fees for each semester before enrolling in courses at the beginning of a certain semester. It is awarded through various scholarships at both public and non-profit foundation universities, where a certain percentage of students are admitted to the university. These scholarships may be eligible for partial tuition waiver, merit or scholarship support. Some of these scholarships can cover academic materials, accommodation, food and drinks, and even certain grants. In addition to this support, student scholarships and research assistance, is another kind of support that can help you during study in Turkey.

Foreign Students Need to Know to Get able to Universities in Turkey

With the increase in the quality of our universities, the number of students coming to study from abroad has started to increase. There are many reasons why foreign students choose Turkey to take in the training. This is why one of the first in Turkey as a treasure for students who want to learn new cultures, our country has made a lot civilizations is located in a region which is considered the cradle of civilization. The increase in the number of universities that started to take place in the world rankings is another factor.

The entrance requirements of our universities, which are requested by foreign students, are similar to public universities and private universities. Private universities, which have the same entrance requirements in general, can determine some special conditions.

Turkey has set certain conditions for receiving the training of foreign students. We can list these conditions as follows:

Admission Requirements for Foreign Students to Undergraduate Programs

In order for foreign students to study in Turkey, some documents determined by the universities must be submitted to the university units to be applied. We can list the documents requested by the universities as follows;

Student Admission Form

Each university has a student admission form prepared according to its own spelling rules and drafts. Foreign students who are considering applying can obtain their student admission forms from the web site of the universities.

High School or Equivalent School Diploma

Who want to benefit from educational opportunities in Turkey and foreign countries in the training they have received high school education or equivalent diploma, students are required to present their schools. Examples of the mentioned diplomas translated into Turkish, must be approved by the Turkish Foreign Representative or notary.

Note Transcript

Also the transcript of the candidates with diplomas must be approved by the Turkish Foreign Representative or notary.

English Proficiency Exam

Foreign students are required to follow the academic calendar of the relevant university for university enrollment. Academic calendars of universities in in Turkey may differ. Applications must be made with the required documents determined by the universities within the specified registration dates. Application procedures are not accepted for applications with complete documents or if registration is not made on the specified dates.

Foreign students are required to take their English proficiency to study in Turkey. Students who do not get enough language score are required to take a  English education preparatory course for one (1) year. Students who are successful in the English proficiency exam and those who have completed one (1) year of preparatory education start taking the academic courses of the relevant university departments.

What is the University Entrance Exam for Foreign Students?

Until 2011, foreigners' entrance to the university was made by the ÖSYM. After 2011, the university entrance exams of foreign students are carried out by the commissions established by the universities. Students who want to take the foreign student (YÖS) exam must apply to the university units to which they will apply.

Foreign students can find out the details and relevant dates of the foreign student university entrance exam from the web pages of the universities they will apply to.

Student Visa

Students who are successful in the English proficiency exam and foreign student (YÖS) university entrance exam are sent a "student acceptance letter" by the university. Foreign students are required to obtain visas from countries in the acceptance letter with Turkey Consulate.

Foreign students living in Turkey have recourse to the college acceptance letters to Turkey Foreign Representative can get a student visa.

Foreign students who cannot obtain a student visa cannot register for the university.

Residence permit

Another of the necessary legal arrangements for foreign students to begin to study in Turkey, is a residence permit. Foreign students must apply to the Immigration Administration in their city of residence for a residence permit. Foreign students wishing to study in Turkey as the law requires one (1) month of residence permit must submit the application. Residence permits must be renewed every year.

Health insurance

Foreign nationals in Turkey to be used in health status will encounter students are required to have health insurance. In the absence of health insurance, students may have to cover all costs themselves in health-related situations.

Sum up;

Turkey and Turkey Scholarships contributing to international student mobility in the region surrounding the world, brings together the leaders of the future. Turkey, long-term relationship between the education-oriented country are led to believe that friendship.

The different cultural backgrounds educated young population, Turkey's development and provides an important opportunity for the peaceful settlement of the opinion that the global problems of the country. Turkey Scholarship Program, a global mutual understanding, based on the solidarity and equality of opportunity, Turkey has set its goals in line with these principles.

With this global vision, Turkey Scholarship Program, which is unique historical and geographical importance of education in line with the values ​​of our age who want to study in Turkey invites international students.



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